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Should I stay ? or Should I go?

Should I stay ? or Should I go?



What to do if everything we know it was to change tomorrow?


Over the past several years, we have been put into situations that we in the west haven’t seen in over 70 years. Even longer when it comes to the Pandemic.


War in Europe has brought the East against the west again.


We are living in Cold War 2.


We have to ask ourselves. Are we ready?


During the Pandemic, we saw many people returning back to the old roots of preparing for hard times again. Something we’ve not had to do in the west for a very long time.


We’ve seen gas prices go up. Food prices rise. In some countries the supply channel has been so effected that there are empty shelves in food stores.


I saw two years ago, families making purchases for body armor, along with weapons and ammunition.  Camping equipment. And changing the family car for 4x4 alternatives.


People often ask me. What should they do first to get ready?


My first reply is to get your mind in the game.


Training, education. Knowledge is key.


The more you know, the less you need.


Farmers will have it better as they have the land, and knowledge to grow fruits and vegetables, and raise livestock.


But, those living in the cities will not do as well.


So, in this article I’m going to try to cover it all. Both city living and country living.


Let’s began with the city.


Start with Water. The moment the water mains are broken, you’ll no longer have water to use to cook, and clean with. So make sure you have a fresh water storage system. You bath tub is the first. But that’s when the emergency starts. You can find a large water storage unit that is transported on a pallet. Maybe find two or three of these, and get them into your basement. Your garage. Fill them up, and purify the water inside of them.





Remember the 3’s


3 seconds without air

3 days without water

3 weeks without food




In the city there are less green space that can be used to grow enough food to survive the winter. Those of you living in large buildings will have to be extra careful. But if you have the space, you can store all of the dry foods you can obtain. Look for long lasting storage containers, and buy the largest quantities of dry goods you can find. There are stores around that can supply this need. But you must act fast.


Can or jar to preserve foods. I grew up on a farm, and this is something we did yearly at the end of the harvest. We canned and preserved vegetables and fruits.  If you don’t know how to do this, go on-line, youtube, or find someone to teach you. It’s important to do it right. You can watch your hard work spoil if this isn’t don’t correctly.


Sure it will take some logistics to find all the jars you’ll need, but they are reusable.


Just make sure you get all you need, and extra bits, like lids and gaskets.


You’ll also need a pressure pot to sanitize and cook the food. So be on the lookout for one of those. Try to avoid anything electric. Because you may have to do this over a fire in the future. But getting started is first.


You can also preserve meats this way.


Prepare your basement or root cellar to store vegetables over the winter. You can look on-line to learn how to do this. Usually with wooden crates and straw.


Use every available space in your home to store food. It’s what will get you over the winter, and possibly over several winter seasons.


Store dry foods in dry spaces. Avoid humidity. So prepare a space. If your cave is humid. Avoid storing any goods there.


Use your balcony and window seals to grow food, and possible some verities all year round. You can even build a glass closure around your balcony to have this space. Use the maximum of the Sun, but you can also, if you have electricity, build a bench for your plant boxes, and use full-spectrum bulbs, which produce a balance of cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. They’re excellent for seedlings. But I suggest you go on-line and find a specialist whom can better inform your specific needs.


Converting your balcony into a garden is a great way to provide food all year round.







Here’s a list of some of the best legumes you can store in your basement. Some will remain fresh for a few months some throughout the year.















Sweet Potatoes


Winter Squash

Winter Radishes


You can look up the proper temperatures that these will keep. And how best to store.


I lived in a house that already had a root cellar in it. The ground was the soil with some gravel over it. And the wooden shelves were well ventilated. So, if you live in an old house, you may be half way there.


But, like I said, this is the city.


Another thing you must do, is try to find a compact solar power system to mount or be ready to mount on your balcony. Make sure it doesn’t block any natural light from the balcony. And also be sure that you are careful of bringing dangerous eyes onto yourself. Try at all times to hide your presence and well-being.


There will be predators out there if things do turn for the worst.


This brings up a very important point.


Home and self-security.


Secure your home and your possessions.

First, get your home some security. The doors and the windows. And secure your balcony. The neighbors above you climb down.


And make sure all who live with you, understand and know how to work the security system you have.


And most of all, make sure that this information never gets out.


Get yourself trained in security. This can go across several arenas.


Personal security.


How to defend yourself.


This can be done in several ways. From hand-to-hand, knife fighting, and fire arms.


I suggest knowing all. Because the best defense is a better offence.


I’m not going to go too deep into these areas. You must find what will work best for you.  But it is a game changer.


If you have fire arms then get the right equipment to support that weapon system. Body armor, and the right pouches to support the ammunition needed. How much is up to you. What weapons the same.  But every person in your household needs to understand, know how to use and be confident in using what you have.  This comes to everything in your house. Get everyone involved in the preparation.


So, you have the food, and you know how to grow it, preserve it, and store it. Also, make sure you know how to cook it. You need all of the right spices and pots and pans to best make a meal. This way, eating the same foods don’t get boring. Getting bored makes people do stupid things and take unnecessary risks.


This goes for entertainment. Make sure you have board games, and things to keep everyone busy. And relaxed. Children can get bored very quickly. So keep them involved. Give them chores around the flat. Have games nights often, and have everyone to keep a journal. Often writing it down, is like getting the stress off of one’s mind.



Mental health of the family is very important.


Get a tread mill and a fitness system. Like weights and indoor bicycle.


Physical health is also very important.


First Aid.


Make sure you have a very complete and well supplied first aid kit. Take classes, and you yourself can teach the kids. Have several complete kits around, and make sure that you have enough supplies that could last you several month or better a year. Insure that you are ready to help you family, yourself, and even a friendly neighbor.




Remember that cell or mobile phone communication may be blocked for all during this period. Be aware that not only could an enemy entity block phone service, but your government could and may very well do the same.

Be prepared to not have any phone service. You could try to get around this using Satellite Communications. But also be aware that this may also be blocked. You can also use CB Radios, and Walkie-Talkie communications systems. CB Communications with enough power and proper antenna could enable you to communicate at great distances. But your store bought walkie-talkies will have less power and less distance to work. But, these walkie-Talkies could mean you being able to communicate within your family group at short distances. Also, be aware of this. Talking on any radio system will give away your position. You position can be triangulated and you can be found. You can do a few things to protect yourself in this situation.


Only power up your radio when you use it.


Only speak for short periods or bursts. Holding the “Press to Talk” button for no more than 5 seconds at a time.


Using special military communication encrypted equipment. But this will be very expensive. If you can find it.


Using Morse Coded messages.


Encrypted messaging.


It’s most likely, that you will have to use 5 second bursts as other options are near impossible to obtain.


With-in your family or group, train, and use flashlights or reflective panels to communicate during the dark or day. But only use in emergencies.


Get yourself a wind-up transistor radio system that you can listen in on the news. Avoid using any radio or tele-communications systems, and these will either not work or give away your position.




If you have a garage, and a car, make sure you have all of the liquids your car will need. You may have to evacuate the city. If so, you’ll need a big enough vehicle to do it. A 4x4 is best, and insure it is always full of fuel, and the engine and tires are ready. Make sure you have it prepared for your family. Sleeping bags, tents, dried foods, water etc.. stored inside or ready to load from inside your garage. If the car isn’t in a garage, maybe hide it somewhere nearby, or cover it with a car cover to hide the gear inside. If you don’t have a car, then have a plan for you and your family with Bug Out Bags always ready near the front door. Maps and communication gear. I’ll go more into communication equipment later.


So, you’re in the city, and things go bad. The question is, Should you run or stay. I would suggest you look at what the situation is first, and where will you go. If you have a chalet in the mountains. You might want to make sure that place is well stocked and ready for you if you do decided to go there. But if you don’t have a place to go.


Then where will you go?


This depends on many things.


What’s the threat?


Where’s the threat?


If the threat is war? You may have to run like what we’ve seen in Ukraine. Although the people had many warning signs that the threat was real, many didn’t believe it. So, they were caught up in the war. Some several million people have already run from the fighting and destruction.


But many are still there, because they have nowhere or no way to go. Or what we often see. They decide to sit tight, and hopefully wait out the war. We are seeing in many retaken villages, that there has been heavy fighting and death toll, that many people stayed.




I follow a Ukrainian family on Youtube. My Galaxy. They are a family of four that film themselves on different building projects. They live near Kyiv. I finally got word about them recently. The wife has written a letter about them hiding in the basement, and screaming with terror during the bombing and fighting just outside of their home. They are safe for the moment. And the Russian Army has moved away from their village. But I have not seen how much destruction they have had. And how much hard work they have to do to repair their home.


SO, just be aware. Staying can be done. And if you have no other choices. Do it, and make the best of your situation. And make sure that you are prepared to live after the situation for a long while before any help returns.


I spoke with a client two weeks ago. She was curious that I was teaching survival, and bush craft. She told me that her community has come together and began preparing for a bad scenario. They began this during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Now they meet often, and are helping everyone to prepare for any future problems. This is a great way to survive any future problems. When people come together, and can be trusted, then this shared security, protection, and help makes a huge difference.

Look into starting this yourself. From families in your neighborhood, your building, community etc.. Just make sure everyone is involved, and willing to help. And be careful for those who want to do it on their own, or worst, do nothing. They will be the first ones, begging or worst stealing. You will have to ensure your group is trained, and prepared. And find out what everyone’s strengths are. If you have a builder, then learn and help them build. If there’s a doctor. Then learn from him or her. Same when it comes to gardeners, farmers, policemen, military, anyone. Please see above that I said, learn and help them. Because they will also need what you bring to the table when it comes to knowledge.



If you run with your family, make sure you have the right equipment and knowledge. And make sure you not only know where you’re going, but what routes, and how long it will take to get there. This could become a training excursive with the family one weekend. Hiking the routes. Develop way points, and make sure everyone understands, and knows the route.

Avoid leaving during the day light hours. But training during the day light is fine.


Let’s say you live in a neighborhood, not in an apartment. Let’s say you have a garden. Large garage. Plenty of space to grow your own food. And, and even have some chickens.


Make sure you have plenty of feed for those chickens, and use their droppings to supply needed nutrients for the garden.


But, you’ll also need to secure those chickens and your garden better. This is where teaming up with your neighbors comes in. You can form mutual security and different foods for one another. The rest is the same. Just now you can do it on a bigger scale.


If you have a well, drill for water. If you are dependent only on public water, then do as I spoke about above.


If you have a water source near. Be ready to filter you own drinking water. Here in Switzerland we have many lakes and rivers, and streams. Even in the cities.



If you are part of a community security group. Then you could use barriers to control access to your street, or community. Use whatever machines you have to build and place barriers.


Patrol and insure you maintain security to your home and community.




Don’t secure all of your goods in one location. Fires, and bad weather happen. Things break and ware out. Time isn’t always on your side. Spread out in small cashes your supplies. Then make sure that you and only you know where those cashes are located. Include all you will need.







Paper currency will be most likely worthless if this really go bad. This means that there will be those like yourself with some things a plenty. But other things lacking in your supplies.


Example, you may have knowledge or extra food that others will need. This knowledge or extra food could be used as currency. This means that you will be able to find what you need and pay using either exchange of information, work, or with other goods and materials. This isn’t a new idea. In fact this is what exchanging is all about. Except today we have a better idea of the value of things because of money. You’ll have to come to an agreement of what value your goods and knowledge is. And of course, always be careful of not giving away you cache, or stock. This could bring others looking to take by force what you have. Always, if you can trade or barter away from your safe location. And even only trade with those whom you know and trust. This also brings up an important point. Have more than what you will need in your home. Things break or ware out with use. Here’s a quote to remember.


2 is 1, and 1 is none.








Living in the Country.


If you live in the country, you are safer in general. Most crime is in the city. And most famers already have developed friendships and community’s. The main part is that you could become a target. People who haven’t prepared or worst, enemy combatants, make target you because then know you are prepared and stocked for any season.



Fruits and vegetables



Fresh Water


Usually farmers grow their own food. They not only preserve food, but have all needed to do so. Farmers have the animals and milk. Often cheeses, and the goods to make fresh bread. Farmers although, will also have it rough during any bad problems that will face people in a survival situation. They will mostly have to face the dangers of thieves and marauders.



If communities were smart. They could team up with farmers for future situations. Finding ways to help one another. Even as much as Having a place to go to and live during any future problems. Working together, could be the best for your family and the farmer.


During the COVID 19 Crisis, many found out just how important farmers are. Grocery store shelves were empty. SO, find that local farmer, and get in league with his or her. Many, need help as it is just to keep the farm going. Showing up on a weekend several times a month and helping to clean stalls, or harvest hay, knowing that you can buy food or have a place to stay in the future if SHIF (Shit Hits The Fan) Things get bad.



Things could get bad very quickly in Europe. If Russia were to further their military direction. Then we could again see war in western Europe.

If this were to happen, are you ready?



One last point I’d like to make is security for you and your family. I spoke above shortly about it. But, protecting your loved ones is most important. And Be aware that with war, comes those who want more than your food or money. They will also be after your loved ones. So, be aware of this fact. And be ready for it.


At the time of writing this article, Russia is moving it’s troops away from western Ukraine. But for how long? And like we saw with the COVID 19 Pandemic, are you ready for another two years or worst. To stay at home, and not be able to buy food? Or worst yet. The supply chain fails, and there is no food to be bought.


If you are going alone at this, keep your situation a secret. Because those who know you have stock of what they need, will come a knocking.


And think about how you will survive.

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